Christine Tsai

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" - Coco Chanel


Taiwanese. Raised in Hong Kong. Currently based in London.

Imperial College Business School


HTML 80%

CSS 50%

JavaScript 15%

English 100%

Mandarin 100%

Cantonese 100%

Spanish 70%

About me

A hard-working, adventurous and adaptable Masters student of Strategic Marketing seeking dynamic work experience to gain exposure outside classrooms and an insight into the type of role I would like to take on in the future. I am interested in a career within a digital agency because I have always enjoyed problem-solving, including the analysis of a given problem and then providing a creative and practical solution to it. I am passionate about branding and marketing, which is reflected in my personality as I often create bold statements that will attract and influence others. Noticeably, I have learnt that this takes a combination of the right people, the right timing, and of course, the right platform. Inside the office, I hope to bring different innovative and creative ideas and to make the most of the experience as part of my professional and personal development. I also speak over four different languages and would love to put this skill into good use. Outside the office, expect me to be grabbing onto every opportunity I have to go on exciting adventures and explore different corners of this world.


Master of Science (MSc), MSc in Strategic Marketing, Imperial College Business School, UK Oct 2012 - Jun 2015
Core Courses include: Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Consulting Project

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc), University College London, UK Sep - Dec 2014
A degree that offers great flexibility and choice, as well as provides a depth and range of knowledge that will meet the growing demand for cross-disciplined minds today. We have to choose a major and a minor pathway, and also study interdisciplinary core courses tailored to link our chosen subjects in innovative ways, including via a foreign language. I have chosen to major in the Societies pathway, studying subjects in Economics and Business, and to minor in Health and Environment, studying modules of Psychology.

King George V. School, HK Sep 2005 - Jun 2012
International Baccalaureate & (I)GCSEs

Work Experiences

Digital Advisor & Designer @ Kongstar Universal Ltd. and Spider, Hong Kong Jul 2015 - Present

Consultant @ SecuredTech Ltd., London Sep - Dec 2014

Account Executive Assisstant @ McCANN Erickson, Hong Kong Aug - Sep 2014

Marketing Intern @ Think Gadgets Ltd., London Jun - Aug 2014


Travelling Since I was born.
I like to travel around the world and gaining wide-opneing experiences from different cultures. Anywhere that my passport can take me, I will go.

Painting Since I could pick up a paintbrush.
This is a hidden special talent of mine. Don't tell anyone this really.
I've secretly always wanted to go to Art School and become a street artist.

A hardcore-foodie Since forever.
I am always in search for the latest and yummiest food trends around the area. The key to my heart is probably the same key to my stomach.